Getting Started

Take some time thinking about the sale you will set up. This important first step will help you run a structured, well designed sale and will significantly cut down on the setup time.

If you are ready to get started, click here to get to the step-by-step documentation on setting up a sitewide sale.

Preparing to run a new Sitewide Sale

  • What is the main purpose for your sale?
    • Defining your sale’s purpose will help you set realistic expectations for the sale outcome, but also for the effort involved in planning and designing your sale.
  • When is your sale running?
    • Is this an always-on perpetual sale? Or, does this sale operate on a specific start and end date?
  • What will your discount or promotion be?
    • If you’re running a sale on products, which products will your discount apply for?
    • If you’re running a sale on membership, which existing members (if any) do you want to know about the sale?
    • If you’re running a sale on downloads, which downloads will the discount apply for? Who is eligible to receive the discount?
    • Not every sale has to be a product or service discount. Consider other promotions like free gift with purchase, a discounted or free trial offer, a promotion of shipping, or even a campaign to drive mailing list subscribers or webinar signups.
  • What general look and feel do you want to use as part of the marketing surrounding your sale?
  • What other methods will you use to market your sale besides your website banner ad and landing page (i.e. email marketing, social media posts, paid search engine marketing)?

We’ve written a lot of content about running sales on our blog here at Sitewide Sales and also on our blog at Stranger Studios.