Start and End Date/Time

The Sale Start Date and Sale End Date fields control when the chosen banner and built-in sale reporting will be active for your site. This is the first step in setting up your Sitewide Sale.

How to Set Your Sale’s Start and End Dates

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Sitewide Sales > All Sitewide Sales page.
  2. Select a sale to edit or click “Add New” to create a new sale.
  3. In the first settings box labeled Start and End Dates enter the appropriate dates for your sale.
    • Set the Start Date and Start Time
    • Set the End Date and End Time.
  4. Save All Settings

Notes About Sale Dates

  • The sale’s start and end date are not linked to your Coupon or Discount Code’s Start Date or Expiration Date. Do not set your code’s expiration before the end of the sale.
  • Dates and times are based on your WordPress site’s timezone, not the local time for the visitor.

Video Tutorial