Run a profitable, targeted sitewide sale and get paid.

Basic Sale vs Compete Sitewide Sale

Sitewide Sales is the only all-in-one flash sales plugin for WordPress.

Built For Sales With Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Module
Paid Memberships Pro Module
Easy Digital Downloads Module
Create a custom conversion funnel flash sale

Running a sale like this used to require three separate plugins.
Now you can run optimized flash sales for all types of promotions with a single tool designed for running sales, not a cobbled together mess.

Apply Discounts & Coupons

Control how discount codes get applied: sitewide, after landing page view, or manual entry.

Banners & Notification Bars

Settings to start and end your sale banner on time plus visibility control by user role or membership.

Targeted Landing Pages

Show dynamic messaging based on the sale period, highlight on sale products, or show a single checkout form.

Conversion Reports

Track banner & landing page views and get a breakdown of sale vs. regular revenue in the period.

Apply Discounts Automatically… or Not

Streamline the shopping experience and drive conversions with strikethrough pricing and automatically applied discount codes. People love getting a deal—and studies show that having a coupon code increases checkout conversions and buyer happiness.

Sitewide Sales is designed to help you get paid quickly and effectively, with less sale admin needed.

Read the Sale Setup Docs »

Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Sale Settings and Discount Behavior admin page.
Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Gradient Bottom Banner for WooCommerce

Customize Your Sale with Notification Bars, Popups, and Banner Ads

Banners only display to your desired visitors when the sale is active. Choose from 7 included banner templates or create your own. Read the Banner Setup Docs or browse demos for your favorite ecommerce plugins:

Create Targeted Landing Pages

Sale settings allow you to craft the specific landing page message to show before, during, and after your sale. Sites using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads can show a list of featured items or include a link to start shopping. If you are running a sale for Paid Memberships Pro, visitors will see a streamlined membership checkout form.

Read the Landing Page Setup Docs or browse demos for your favorite ecommerce plugins:

Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Landing Page Fancy Coupon Template for WooCommerce
Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Sale Reports showing Visits, Conversions, Code Uses, and Revenue in period.

Reports to Track Clickthroughs, Conversions, and Sale Revenue

Get a clear picture of banner and landing page conversions so you can optimize sale performance. Track banner reach, landing page visits, and total checkouts using your sale’s coupon code. Reports breakdown sales revenue for checkouts using your discount code as compared to regular priced sales in the period.

Read the Sale Reports Docs »

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