Landing Pages

Your sale’s Landing Page is the page that will track the key component of your sale’s performance. You can share direct links to the page in any marketing efforts, such as an email blast, via social networks like Twitter or Facebook, as well as additional banners or advertisements throughout your site.

This is also the page that your sale’s banner links to, if you have chosen to display one of the built-in banners for your sale.

Dynamic Landing Page Content

The Sitewide Sales plugin includes a shortcode [sitewide_sales] that can be used to load dynamic content on the page, controlled by the sale’s start and end date. Using this shortcode, you can manage the content to display before, during, and after the sale.

How to Set Your Sale Landing Page

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Sitewide Sales > All Sitewide Sales page.
  2. Select a sale to edit or click “Add New” to create a new sale.
  3. Locate the third settings box labeled “Step 3: Landing Page” and complete the fields:
    1. Landing Page: Select the page to use for your sale’s “Landing Page”. You can generate a new page that will automatically insert the recommended [sitewide_sales]shortcode or create the page on your own.
    1. Landing Page Template: Select from a pre-designed template.
    2. Checkout Level: If you chose Paid Memberships Pro for your Sale Type and the [sitewide_sales] shortcode is present, a checkout form for this level will be shown when the sale is active.
    3. Pre-Sale Content: Displayed before the “Sale Start Date”. You can use this field to mention when the sale is starting and how awesome it will be.
    4. Sale Content: Displayed when the sale is active.
    5. Post-Sale Content: Displayed after the “Sale End Date”. You can use this field to mention that the sale has ended and thank your customers.
  4. Save All Settings.

Video Tutorial

Previewing the Landing Page as the Site Administrator

If you are logged in as a user with the Administrator role, you can preview the sale content by including the swssales_preview_content attribute in the Landing Page URL. Examples for generating these URLs based on the Sale timing are listed below.

  • Preview the Pre-Sale Content:
  • Preview the Sale Content:
  • Preview the Post-Sale Content: