Create a New Sale

Documentation on every setting and option available for setting up a new Sitewide Sale.

  1. After you install and activate the plugin, navigate to “Sitewide Sales” in the WordPress admin and click “Add New”.
  2. Give your sale a name. This title is used for internal tracking purposes (not displayed to your visitors).
  3. Then, follow the instructions below to go through every step to create and activate a sale. At a high level, the steps include:
    1. Specify the sale’s Start Date and End Date
    2. Select the Sale Type from the included integrations and assign the sale’s Discount Code or Coupon Code.
    3. Associate a Landing Page for your sale
    4. Display a Banner to advertise your sale
    5. Track the progress of your sale with reports and statistics.

Continue reading the documentation about each step for more help with your Sitewide Sale setup.