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Unlock hassle-free, automated Black Friday and Flash Sales with Sitewide Sales—your complete WordPress sale management tool.

Automatic Coupon and Discount Code Rules
Auto Discount Rules w/Strikethrough
Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
Sale Start & End Date/Time
Sale Banners
Role & Membership-based Sale Banner Ads
Dynamic Landing Pages
Dynamic Landing Page by Sale Period
Sale Performance Reporting and Conversion Rates
Comparison Reports & Conversions

Built For Sales With Your Favorite WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Module
Paid Memberships Pro Module
Easy Digital Downloads Module
Create a custom conversion funnel flash sale

Sitewide Sales has helped us run multiple successful promotions on Black Friday and other important sales days. This plugin is focused, easy-to-use, and it gets results!

— Steve Burge, PublishPress

Run a profitable, targeted sitewide sale (and get paid).

Don’t let Black Friday be a nightmare of late-night deal launches and complex discount setups. With Sitewide Sales, you can prepare your WordPress site’s biggest promotions well in advance, and watch them roll out precisely when you want, without a finger lifted during those crucial hours.

Our intuitive plugin seamlessly integrates with your preferred WordPress eCommerce platforms, streamlining every aspect of the sale process.

Basic Sale vs Compete Sitewide Sale

One Page of Settings.
No steep learning curve.

Set up a sale from a single settings page in your WordPress admin. Select the sale’s start and end date, choose a template, pick your banner, and assign the discount.

One page of settings: Start and end date, landing page, banner ads, reports

Perfectly timed messaging so you can Set it and forget it.

Create a custom sale message to display before the sale begins, while the sale is running, and after the sale ends. Your sales page updates automatically based on your sale dates.

Built-in Banners.
For the right eyeballs.

Quickly set up marketing banners or notification bars that only show for the audience you want to see them. Sitewide Sales helps you get as many customers to your sales landing page as possible.

Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Sale Reports showing Visits, Conversions, Code Uses, and Revenue in period.
Screenshot of the Sitewide Sales Sale Reports showing Visits, Conversions, Code Uses, and Revenue in period.

Sale Performance Reports—a history of what works.

View your history of sales, revenue reports, and funnel performance statistics right from your WordPress admin.

You can even compare performance for two sales.

No more second-guessing sale views and conversion data. Know what works and what doesn’t so each sale outperforms the last.

Wait…why should I run a sale?

If you have decent site traffic, have some idea of cart abandonment rates, or know you’re only converting 10-20% of visitors, you should be running at least two flash sales every year. Use this tool to calculate the revenue “bump” you can expect by running a flash sale on your WordPress site.

Sale Performance Calculator

 30 %



Adjust the values to get your revenue estimate.

A manual process can’t compete with a Sitewide Sale.

Sitewide Sales works with your favorite WordPress e-commerce plugins to handle the banners, landing page, and performance reporting.

Running a sale like this used to require three or more separate plugins. Now you can run your sale with a single tool.

  • For WooCommerce: run storewide, category, or single product flash sales.
  • For Paid Memberships Pro: set up a unique offer on memberships and subscriptions.
  • For EDD: offer discounts on digital downloads like ebooks or software.
  • Using another plugin? Use the custom module to track performance through any funnel.
Types of Sitewide Sales: Physical Products, Subscriptions, Downloadable Products, Any Funnel Conversion

Try Sitewide Sales Risk Free
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Don’t wait until the week before Black Friday to start planning your first sitewide sale. Sign up for Sitewide Sales now to get the plugin download, license key, and expert help you need to start running sales on your WordPress site.

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