Sale Banners

Quickly set up marketing banners or notification bars for your sale that only show up for the audience you want to see them. Helping you get as many customers to your sales landing page as possible.

How to Set Your Sale Banner

The Sitewide Sales plugin includes three banner positions you can use to advertise your sale. The following steps detail how to set up the Banner for your Sitewide Sale.

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Sitewide Sales > All Sitewide Sales page.
  2. Select a sale to edit or click “Add New” to create a new sale.
  3. Locate the fourth settings box labeled “Step 4: Banners” and complete the fields:
    1. Use the built-in banner? Select whether to load one of the included banners and where you would like it to be positioned:
      • None
      • Top of Site
      • Bottom of Site
      • Bottom Right of Site
    2. Banner Title: Specify a brief title for your sale, such as the holiday or purpose of the sale. (i.e. “Limited Time Offer”)
    3. Banner Template: Select from the included set of templates. It is best to select a banner template that matches your Landing Page.
    4. Banner Text: A brief message about your sale. (i.e. “Take 25% on everything store-wide through November 30.”)
    5. Button Text: The text displayed on the button of your banner that links to the Landing Page.
    6. Custom Banner CSS: This optional setting allows you to add custom styles to modify the banner appearance. Available elements in this box will change based on the banner’s location.
    7. Paid Memberships Pro-specific Settings:
      • Hide Banner by Membership Level: This setting will hide the banner for members of the selected levels.
      • Hide Banner at Checkout: Check this box to hide the banner on checkout pages. We recommend leaving this checked so only users using your landing page will pay the sale price.
  4. Save All Settings.

Video Tutorial

Previewing Banners as the Site Administrator

If you are logged in as a user with the Administrator role, you can preview the banner appearance by including a swsales_preview_sale_banner attribute in any page URL. You must specify a Sitewide Sale’s ID in the URL in order to test the banner. You can also test a specific banner location by adding &swsales_preview_sale_banner_type= attribute set to topbottom, or bottom_right. Examples for generating these URLs based on the Sale timing are listed below.

  • Preview the Top Banner:
  • Preview the Bottom Banner:
  • Preview the Bottom Right Banner: