Sitewide Sales v1.3 Release

This release is the culmination of many weeks of work devoted to improving the plugin’s usability. Thank you to every customer that reached out with feedback to help us guide the new features in v1.3. We’ve listened closely.

The features highlighted below focus on ease of use, extended sale segmentation rules, and improved sale campaign reporting.

Improved Sale Banner Design

v1.3 adds native support to design banners using the built-in WordPress Block Editor. Site owners can now leverage all the juicy UI goodness in the block editor to build kickass sale banners, such as:

  • Change background and text color, or use a background gradient
  • Adjust the font size
  • Add buttons, icons, or emojis
  • Insert a countdown timer

We want you to build banners using the interface you’re most familiar with, without any limitation or the need for custom HTML/CSS.

Sitewide Sales now includes built-in Sale Banner patterns, too. We used patterns to rebuild our favorite banner templates using the Block Editor and also added a few new designs.

  1. From the Insert Blocks panel, choose the “Patterns” tab
  2. Select “Sale Banners” to browse built-in designs
  3. Choose a design to use as a starting point for sale banners and popups
Screenshot of the Reusable Block edit banner and new Sale Banners patterns in Sitewide Sales
Screenshot of the Reusable Block edit banner and new Sale Banners patterns in Sitewide Sales

Banners also saw some settings-based improvements including:

  • Hide sale campaigns from users based on role. The built-in module for PMPro already included support for membership level-based restrictions. Now, sites using WooCommerce or EDD can hide sale banners based on roles like “Customer”. Or, hide the banner from “Logged Out” users, meaning your sale campaign only shows for logged-in users.
  • Dismiss banners per session or page load. We get it—some sites are a little too aggressive with promoting a sale. On page banners and popups, while effective, can also be annoying. We now support banner dismiss logic for the entire browsing session. Or, keep your banners persistent. It’s your call.
  • Banner dismiss button added to all banner locations. Previously, the top banner location didn’t have a close button. Now it does. You can hide the banner close button with a filter hook.
  • Popup Maker support. We also integrated with Popup Maker to assign one of your popups to the sale. Most of the logic for when the banner shows is still triggered in Popup Maker logic. Sitewide Sales specifically controls visibility rules for start and end date as well as user role or membership level.

More Control When Building Landing Pages

TLDR: We added a ‘Sale Content’ block as well as a Sale Period setting for blocks, for Elementor, and for Divi.

  • The Sale Content block helps you build your landing page completely within the Block Editor. You can use this nested block to design specific landing page content based on the sale period.
  • The Sale Period setting allows you to toggle content displayed in the Block Editor, in Elementor, or in Divi. Want to show a countdown timer to drum up excitement for an upcoming sale? Add it to a section restricted to the “Before Sale” period. Want to show a form so people can join your mailing list and learn about future sales? Add it to a section restricted to the “After Sale” period.
Screenshot of the Sale Content block and Countdown Timer block demo on edit page in WordPress with Sitewide Sales
Screenshot of the Sale Content block and Countdown Timer block demo on edit page in WordPress with Sitewide Sales

New Countdown Timer Block and Shortcode

Listen, there are loads of popular countdown timers for WordPress. I use used to use HurryTimer for our own sales at Paid Memberships Pro.

But, since countdown timers are such a common feature for sale campaigns, we felt it was irresponsible NOT to build our own. You don’t want one more feature plugin on your WordPress site, right?

  • The countdown timer block supports your custom text color and background color
  • Choose whether to countdown to the sale start or sale end date
  • Timers work well on landing pages OR anywhere else in your WordPress site.
  • If the page is assigned to sale, the countdown timer inherits that page’s sale date. Or, place the timer anywhere else on your WordPress site. Timers inherit the active sitewide sale’s date.
  • Yes, you can put a countdown timer in a banner. We encourage you to do this.

Yes, you can stop Editing every WooCommerce product to run a sale.

v1.3+ supports showing your WooCommerce product as “On Sale” when a discount code is set to be applied (meaning they saw the landing page already OR you had the sale settings configured to “Always apply the discount”).

Why is this helpful? Because buyers like to see things on sale and your theme probably does some cute stuff for products when they’re … on sale.

Save yourself some admin time and just set up the WooCommerce coupon logic for your sale. Then tell Sitewide Sales to run the show. You do not have to edit a single product or schedule a sale price manually. What are you gonna do with all that extra time?

If you don’t like this feature, you can disable the filter. Or just set your sale up to not apply discounts automatically. But we strongly advise against that.

How to Update to Sitewide Sales v1.3

Sites with a Sitewide Sales license can update via the Dashboard > Updates screen in the WordPress admin.

The Full Changelog for Sitewide Sales v1.3

  • FEATURE: Added “Reusable Blocks” as a banner type.
  • FEATURE: Added a “Sale Content” block that works similar to the sitewide_sale shortcode. The content from the sale settings will show up depending on the period.
  • FEATURE: Added a “Sale Period” nested block. You can nest other blocks inside of it and set the period (before/during/after) to show that content.
  • FEATURE: Added a “Sale Period Visibility” advanced option to Group blocks and Column blocks. You can set these nested blocks to only show before/during/after a sale.
  • FEATURE: Added support for the Popup Maker plugin. You can choose a popup to use as your banner.
  • FEATURE: Added “Sale Period Visibility” to Elementor and Divi elements/sections.
  • FEATURE: Built-in Block Patterns and Styles for Sale Banners.
  • FEATURE: Added Countdown Timer Block for use with sales.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added close (x) to banners and setting to “close until new session” so closed banners don’t show up again.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added filter swsales_banner_dismiss_link_html so custom code can hide or change the dismiss link on banners.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added new sale banner templates.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated WooSelect to latest version.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Using the woocommerce_product_is_on_sale filter to show products in the shop as “on sale” if the code is applied to the view.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Moved the mini report on the edit sale page to the sidebar, with links to the detailed report.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added setting for hiding banners per WordPress user role. This includes custom roles added by WooCommerce or EDD so you can hide your sale campaign from current customers.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Sorting level dropdown/multiselects by sorted order in PMPro
  • ENHANCEMENT: Formatting strike prices for accessibility; improvement to WC pricing to use new is_type function.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now using the input type date and time to set start and end dates/times on sales; input field width formatting.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated plugin links and admin header display.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved the “Vintage” template.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adjusting “Photo” template for EDD and other improvements.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now showing ‘Best Day’ and ‘Today’ on the sale report chart.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added filter swsales_daily_revenue_chart_days to limit days shown on chart. Default is 31 days.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Fixed warning for PMPro module and hiding banner by membership level.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Hiding the banner if the “shop” page is chosen as the landing page.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Removed strikethrough pricing on variable downloads.
  • BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: PMPro daily revenue chart now shows in local time.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed WC coupon expiration warning message showing when it should not.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where report charts would break if using certain date format settings.
Kim Coleman
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