Black Friday Social Media Ads Swipe File

Get inspired by the big brands with this swipe file of Black Friday ads for your website or social media channels. Pay attention to the font size, use of product images or real human photos. Plus, you’ll see many brands are running a 30% off promotion—is this a sweet spot for effective Black Friday discounts?

Black Friday Ads Swipe File

What is a ‘swipe file’?

Think of a swipe file is a vision board or inspiration library. While generally used for graphic inspiration, swipe files can contain any type of medium to help you, your designers, and your writers as they prepare new marketing content for your brand.

If your team uses a shared storage system like Google Drive, consider creating some folders with the ad creative, headlines, and other copywriting you all agree to pull inspiration from.

Example Black Friday Social Ads and Banners

Check out this gallery of ad creative, including the promotion details and graphics. We put this library together to help you create ads for your own brand.

Kim Coleman
Kim Coleman

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